4 Ways to Wear The Tricky Red

July 13, 2018

4 Cara Menggunakan (Pakaian) Warna Merah!

A while ago, I posted some playful instagram stories on my account (@mirzca). Isinya adalah ngajak temen-temen untuk voting outfit yang paling mereka suka, baik perempuan maupun laki-laki.  Yang berpartisipasi ada banyaakkkk lho, 1000 orang kurang 900. Alias 100 aja beb, tapi this is my biggest engagement lho, dan ternyata seru! Awalnya iseng, ternyata muncul beberapa ilham dari situ.

Saya yang mantengin hasilnya asik sendiri karena lihat persentase yang susul-susulan. Ada pilihan yang banyak dipilih oleh mayoritas teman-teman, ada juga yang sampai fifty-fifty. Yang fifty-fifty ini lho tricky abis, meskipun ujung-ujungnya ada pemenangnya juga sih.

Yang paling tricky menurut saya adalah outfit dengan mencampur warna merah! Buat saya sendiri, mencampur warna merah memang kadang jadi pe-er sih. Salah salah mix-match, nanti malah jadi kayak spiderman kan bete :(

Nah, dari keresahan ini saya mengumpulkan beberapa referensi outfit dengan elemen warna merah untuk kamu pakai sehari-hari plus tips ala-ala.


Red as the main point means there's no other color that catches people's eyes but red! Punya pakaian dengan warna ngejreng memang agak susah ya buat orang-orang pemalu (SAYA) karena mau nggak mau ini warna yang nyolok mata banget alias hebring, ceu. Eits, no more! Tips pertama, pakai pakaian warna merah dan disandingkan dengan warna-warna netral atau monokrom, seperti hitam atau putih. Kalau begini, pakaian warna merah kamu bakal jadi aksen, the point of your whole outfit!


Yo, but I don't like to wear white because it will be hard to clean. What if I got chili sauce on my white trousers? Also I don't like black??? I'm not an underground fan??

Ok, got you, babe. You gotta be kidding me if you don't have jeans, right?


Saya adalah pencari perhatian dan suka diperhatikan! O ow nggak ada salahnya! Wear it head to toe, girl. Um.. boy, too, I guess? Haha. But remember to not overdo another color, otherwise it would be very confusing for a daily outfit.


Sometimes you just don't wanna catch attention and hide your fabulous self for a day, but you can't lose that striking quirky side of yours! Maybe you can add a liiiiittle bit of red to spice up the day?

There you go! There are tonnnsss of ways to wear the color red. Do you have another color that you think is also tricky to wear? Put your comment below!

Kim Soo, Bali

July 12, 2018

Kim Soo! Ah... kalau ngomongin Kim Soo kayaknya auranya tuh dreamy banget deh. Kalau ditanya rumahku nanti mau seperti apa, kayaknya saya akan jawab seperti Kim Soo!

Pertama masuk ke Kim Soo kamu akan disambut dengan jajaran beberapa meja makan di teras luar. Jumlah mejanya memang nggak banyak, jadi gampang penuh. Kemarin saya juga nggak sempet coba makan di sana. Kalau nggak salah menunya juga kebanyakan untuk sarapan.

Once you enter inside, you will see that Kim Soo is a homeware furniture and decoration shop. The concept are clear; easy, raw, unpretentious, and light. Quite have a boho theme. These earthy feels from their collection will make you feel like home.

The building was once an old Dutch Colonial style building as you can see the arch in the below picture. They don't have any door, therefore the air circulation is good even in Bali's hot temperature. They said they just drop canvas blinds at night and roll it up in the morning. I'm so impressed with the neighborhood's safe environment, though!

I will make sure to shop at Kim Soo when I get my own home in the future. Oh, and you can also find another branch of Kim Soo in Australia!

Visit their instagram here: @kimsoohome

Neon Palms, Bali

July 11, 2018

Neon Palms is one of many cute cafes in Bali. Just like the name, they combined two different vibes into one unified concept. Neon colors and tropical vibes might be two of the best trends of this decade, don't you think?

What attracted me was... the terrazzo flooring! I think it blends well with the green marble texture on the top table. The eye-catching mural paintings on the wall are also the iconic part of this cafe. They put three 'edgy' animals on the wall, such as leopard and zebra inside, and flamingos on the outside.

This is by far the best tropical and neon colors fusion for me. Also, they had interesting menu! Worth to try for you vegans and vegetarians!

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