'Sup, Papers?

January 25, 2013

Well, hello there! I currently active on instagram these days. I used to share the whatnot photos of my daily routines, but I've been posting some of my sketches there since yesterday. Most of them are actually my old sketch, it's about one or two years ago. But, well, just check them out..

Aaaaand last night I've just created the brand new one. I love fashion illustration but never been doing a hijab fashion sketch. So I made one..

I do miss those old times when imaginations were floating up above your head and you could easily catch them up. Idea seems cliche these days. So, yeah. Hopefully I could draw or sketch things and post it here from now on. And don't forget to peek my instagram account, ok? It's mirzca.

Thanks! Have a wonderful weekend. <3

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  1. hey! link mu udh aku ganti yaa. you have great art &voice too! oia kamu tinggal di cimahi? wah wah sodara ku byk disana hehe


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