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March 26, 2013

Holla, everyone!

I finally have a chance to make a post! So anyway, my company held an event two days ago. For those Indonesians, you should have known Ustadz Solmed, right? Yes, he is our client, he held a press conference with his newly born nasyid group called Syamwel Mahmoed. We invited some media, hijabers, and other guests, blah blah, and held it at the restaurant called Bumbu Desa. One thing I got from the event is... THE RESTAURANT IS BEAUTIFUL! Okay, sorry for the capslock. But it IS beautiful.

In the other hand, we got a special guest star! Some of you maybe know, but the rest of you maybe don't. It's Awan Voice from X-Factor Indonesia. Well, technically they didn't even go through into the Gala Show, but we all know them from the X-Factor, so yeah...

The team. Spot me right there. :p

Tiring day indeed. I got the sore feet the night after, but that's okay. After all this is my first event ever since I work here and that's not really bad. That's grrreat, actually, because I ate my lunch and my dinner there for free! Haha. I'll stop talking now.

ANYWAAAY, I've just created a page for my drawings. Not because I feel like those professional artists out there or else, no way, I just want to share my recent drawings and sometimes my inspirations, and actually to separate it from my personal account. Aha. If you want to see my old artworks and stuffs, you can click this link ( and make sure to like the page! I'll be vvvvvery hhhhhappy if you do.

And maybe that's all for now! I've been busy working and stuff, plus I receive some sketch orders and it really takes my time. Phew. So byeee! PSSSSH, don't forget to visit my page. Thank yew. :D

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