The Youtube Heartthrobs

March 14, 2013

Hi! This would be a super random post and I think you wouldn't be really interested. Sooo, I now work in an event organizer company, a growing company exactly. I work as a web developer, and no, it's not like I run the HTML or whatsoever because I really don't understand those things. I tweet. Yes, peeps, you read it right. I run some accounts on twitter, including my company's and clients' twitter, developing the company through this virtual world. So I'm gonna advertise my company now... HAHA NOT. No, I'm kidding.

What I'm trying to share to you now is, that I'm working now.

Did I say I'm working now?

I'm working now.

Right. I currently active on Youtube (that means I watch videos, and not create one). That's just because Dhia told me that there's an Arab-Filipino youtuber that kind of looks like Zayn Malik! And yes, his face is quite the same, except maybe he's more devout (well, who knows actually). Dhia spreads a new virus, everyone! BEWARE. Haha, ok so, maybe you want to take a peek?

Eep! Stay there! Okay, I don't know how tall he is, but he looks tall. Like... tall. Yep, and please don't melt there. I've just tidy up my page. What.

So one day, when I stalk his Instagram account (yes, one leads to another), I open the popular pics, and found an inviting picture. And I was like, "I think I know this guy,". Well not 'know' like we 'know' each other or we've met somewhere, but I just kind of know him. So I stalk his photos (it seems like I'm a stalker in this blogpost, well I am), because his Instagram display name is 'Bertie Butthole'. I stalk, I stalk, I stalk, aaand, in fact I know him! I really am! I've even googled his pictures before (dang! Total stalker).

His actual name is Bertie Butthole. Haha, no. It's Bertie Gilbert. Bertie William Gilbert. The reason why I know him is, he takes a role in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2! Okay, I proudly present The Heartthrob Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy! Yeah, clap, everyone!

Bertie's a youtuber too! And he's, if I could properly say, HOT. But he's only 15, so back off, girls, you're way too older. He's nice, funny, and cute, and hipster. And British (YAY!). Can't say more. You could just visit his Youtube page, or watch this video.

Sooo, bye now, peeps! Sorry for spreading another virus. xD

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