This and That: SNMPTN Submission

March 09, 2013

Hi! So like I've said before, I'm going to share some of my artwork I've submitted for the snmptn. Since the enrollment is over and we are all just waiting for the decision which will be announced at May (and hoping some luck), it's safe to share them here.

  1. Yes, everybody! It's @EmWatson. I don't think I failed this time cos she looks like the real Emma (at least for me). I've been avoiding to draw Emma Watson for the past two years, just because I really, really love her, and I'm afraid to ruin her face. So every time I have an intention to draw her, I postponed it. I can't believe I did it myself too, you know. Haha. And this time, finally! I finally got enough courage to draw her and I made it! I'm so happy. I'm gonna draw Tom Felton next time.
  2. The title is 'Gaza: We Will Not Go Down', another task from snmptn. I was supposed to draw gambar suasana, and I got nothing inside my head. I googled some pictures and the result is just indifferent. I need something catchy. So one day, I don't know where this idea come from, I just kind of think that Gaza would be good. Drawing a war atmosphere would do some good. So I googled it, and finally found the picture where a man is holding a riffle, and the plus side is, he is holding his children too! It made my heart sank. Whoever caught this moment with his/her camera, I wanna thank you. The photograph is beyond... I don't know. It's just great. I've never seen it before. So in short, I draw it. It feels good. But kind of hard. But finally I'm done with this.
  3. Haha, I know this is out of the topic. But it's my current favourite flats. And that's that. :)

And that's just it really. I lost in my competency test last week, but it's over now. I'll share the video when the editing process is done. Oh, and for another snmptn submission, I submit this one. Not so breathtaking, but well, enjoy it (or not, cause this is pretty short). See ya later, everyone!

OH! And don't forget, whoever read this, I need your pray support, guys. I really, really do.


  1. your sketch are beautiful. :)

  2. gambarnya baguuuus banget! :D
    anyway, daftar snmptn di mana? good luck ya!

    1. whaaa thanks <3 fsrd itb nih aamiin makasih yaa xD


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