My 'Wrecked' Sketch & Bertie's Glasses

April 22, 2013

You know,

I've said that I receive sketch order since two months ago. Everything's going fine, actually. I even have a reseller (is it proper to name it a reseller in this case?). So yeah, he advertises my sketch and grab some bucks (okay, grab some profit) from that, which doesn't matter to me. If you want to be a reseller, just contact me. Haha nah, kidding. Everything's going really, really fine. I work them out after I got home from the office. It is always tiring. I often have to stay up real late to do the sketch. I'm always complaining and bitching about my lack of sleep thingy, which annoys every single family member out of shit. But I keep going (and rambling), because I realized that I have to satisfy those who trust me to work my hands off for them, no matter what.

What pissed me off recently is,

There's that elementary school girl, she ordered the sketch via my cousin. I spent my whole precious Sunday to make it look as similar as possible like the one in the photo (I ACTUALLY WATCHED AVATAR THE LEGEND OF KORRA UNTIL EPISODE 12 IN BETWEEN MY SKETCH SCHEDULE AND THAT'S AWESOME HEHE). That, because I love the photo. It looks professional and I made it look like the fashion illustration one because those two girls in the photo are very pretty with both flower crown on each head. You know what I mean. Well I finished it in the evening, I sent it directly to my cousin via bbm. And you know what that elementary school girl said? I'll quote it:

Kok jelek guanya -__-
Kata ka aul 50rb kok jelek peh. Gituu
Itumah 20rb kali -__-
Ancur dahh -____- kecewa gua


I've spent my whole precious Sunday to make it as good as possible and I got that shit? THAT SHIT IS SERIOUSLY A SHIT. Okay, I'll make it clear. I've been working with many sketches in past two months, and I've never had a shit like that. Okay, maybe my sketch isn't as WHOA-IT'S-BREATHTAKING as you've been expecting, kid. About that, I apologize. What disturbs me is, well, you don't have to say that my sketch is ugly or wrecked or whatever harsh words filled your mind. You're disappointed? I can handle that. But with a foul language like that? Please. AND just to make it clear (again), 50K rupiahs is cheap enough to pay with that BlackBerry smartphone inside your pocket in your 12 age. I suggest you to find any artist in the side of the road that maybe has a better quality BUT with the bigger cost. It could be 100K, but I am sure you could afford it, kiddo.

Nope, I won't make another one. Cos guess what, I never want to waste my time re-sketching an 'ugly' sketch you don't like and perhaps get another shit again. If you don't want to have this bloody sketch, then just DON'T, alright? Cos believe me, I better not receive any money at all than to be paid under the dealing cost. It's NOT about money, kid, not. It's about you underestimate my capability and demeaning of what I've been working on. You don't like it, and there's no point of me doing another sketch again which is clearly you won't like. So excuse you, little girl, I have many things to do.

Can't believe an elementary girl made me this upset.

Enough with the rambling. I hate that insufferable kid. You do too, right? RIGHT? Ok, sorry.

ANYWAAAY (oh look, how I love using caps),

I changed my glasses frame. I love Bertie's glasses. And so...

Got the similar one! Haha this is embarrassing but I have to confess anyway. Well my mother's glasses isn't going well recently, and she wanted to use mine (she had to change the lenses of course). So I took the opportunity to buy glasses that looked like Bertie's!

This is rubbish but thank you to read it anyway. I'm being a bitch in this post, I hope you understand. I will make a nice one in the next post. Or not, because I love bitching! Ha, joking.

Have a good week ahead, folks.

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