Sniff, Sniff

May 19, 2013

Watercolor practice, peeeeeeps. Such a mess.

Happy Sunday!

Wawancara Singkat (Halah)

May 10, 2013

Got bored at work, my friend asked me to 'attend' his very first soundcloud show called 'Fondue For Two' (you Gleeks must've been know), we're totally high.

Hahah anyway, my voice is not good and my laughter is seriously annoying.

Mess, Mess, Mess

Hi. Some of you maybe get annoyed when you see my previous post cos it's turned to be a contest post hehe that's why I used the 'Read More' button (wish me a good luck, anyway).

Buuuttttt, look what I got here!

Since I made this sketch which was my first trial using watercolor, I got obsessed with the materials so I made this. It's supposed to be Chloe Moretz, and I didn't draw her properly. The hardest part drawing this is her lips and you probably know why. I won't talk much anyway, you could see that this sketch is absolutely the messy one, and if you think that I am impatience; you're right.

So bye now, peeps! If you want to throw me some questions, feel free to comment on this post or mail me. I'd love to share. :)

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