Mess, Mess, Mess

May 10, 2013

Hi. Some of you maybe get annoyed when you see my previous post cos it's turned to be a contest post hehe that's why I used the 'Read More' button (wish me a good luck, anyway).

Buuuttttt, look what I got here!

Since I made this sketch which was my first trial using watercolor, I got obsessed with the materials so I made this. It's supposed to be Chloe Moretz, and I didn't draw her properly. The hardest part drawing this is her lips and you probably know why. I won't talk much anyway, you could see that this sketch is absolutely the messy one, and if you think that I am impatience; you're right.

So bye now, peeps! If you want to throw me some questions, feel free to comment on this post or mail me. I'd love to share. :)


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  2. *sorry I misstyped on the previous comment*
    This. Is. Awesome!
    You're not supposed to say that (regarding to your comment on my blog post) because, THIS IS AMAZING. And it's colored. Followed you for fun :P
    Thanks for the visit! :D

    1. Thank you! Not as awesome as yours, you know. ;)

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