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November 10, 2013

Hiiiiii! Oh my, I finally have time to post again.

So, yes, it's been a long time since I left my path just right there, when I visited Yogyakarta and met Dhia. 8 August, is it? Three months! Exactly since I first went to my new college and you know, to be a freshman was err... cool. And fun. I guess.

No, I won't talk about the details of what I've been doing & what I've been through. Because to be honest, lots of things happened and the rest was just me doing homework, tasks, and stuffs; and that might bore you to death.

I AM bored to death.

But besides all that, being an art school student isn't as easy as most people think. Yes, we don't do maths, physics, chemistry and stuff. Yes, we don't struggle on formulas or cos or sin or integral. Yes, oh yes, we only draw on class. But really, you can't expect us to sit comfortably and draw things in slow motion with flowers scattered on the air, good-looking and young lecturers, to submit works whenever we want to, no. I've heard enough of them already. We're not those art students you saw in the movies. Our work had to be neatly done in a relatively short time. Simple? NO.

Simple my arse.

It's sicken me only by thinking of it. Now honestly I'm sick, but it's okay I have to write this anyway, but not any longer because we are going to change the topic, YAY.

So how's everyone doing?

My life has been so hectic as I've written it before. At October 17th... I lost my cousin. Cancer got her, it's cruel. I still can't get over it until now. She's still young & so close to me just like my own sister. I still can't believe she's not here with us anymore. The only remedy to make my heart feel better is my faith about whatever happens to us, He always knows best. I only believe that He might love her so, so much, more than us; so He can't wait to see her. Dammit I really don't want to talk about this.

I'll take time to write about her anytime soon, then. She deserves more than one paragraph, right? Just not now hehe.

Oh and apart from my bustle activities being an art student, I applied for two positions in my campus radio, 8EH Radio ITB, as an announcer and reporter. I'm still a crew-soon-to-be, though. I used to be ashamed when I hear how I sound like on a tape, so I applied as an announcer. It was fun! It was fun to realise that my sound is terribly annoying but surprisingly I'm okay with that.

Below is a mini gallery-on-a-post from my instagram account these past months. I will write again soon!







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