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January 29, 2013

For the update, I made two sketches since my last post!

  1. It's ZAYN MALIK everyoneee! (In case you don't know). It doesn't look that similar actually. I know, it's his lips! Geez, guys. His lips is absolutely hard to draw. I mean, no, not in that way while I couldn't focus on drawing because his lips (this sounds slutty). It's just hard. I spent my night and finally decided to continue the day after, but it still doesn't look the same. So I gave up and that was the best I could do. I personally like the old him, with no slight colour on his hair, with no tattoo (you know that Zayn has sooo many tattoos all over his arm right now. I hate it.). I just thought that the One Direction boys had turned into bad boys nowadays. All of them got at least one or two tattoos (I can't hardly believe that Harry got dozens of tattoo on his body, and it looks ugly), or maybe except Niall (because he once went to the tattoo parlour and left with no ink). NOW I'M FANGIRLING, EVERYBODY. Darn it. Well, just so you know, the tattoo update is: Harry: 30 tattoos, Zayn: 24 tattoos, Louis: 6 tattoo,s Liam: 4 tattoos, Niall: 0 tattoos. I don't like guys with tattoo (meanwhile I still watch their videos. Haha, I know.)
  2. Guess who. I'm asking you guys, yes. Because I foolishly don't know who she is. I was supposed to draw Katy Perry, believe me. Now you won't believe me because it doesn't look like Katy Perry AT ALL. Well for me, instead of Katy Perry, it actually looks like Lana Del Rey. Sort of.

Now, into movie review...

The synopsis:

"New high-school transfer student Na-Mi comes from a small town in Jeolla Province to her new school in the capital city of Seoul. When she is nervous, her small town dialect comes out & she starts to shake. On her first day at her new school she is bullied by others. Coming to her help is a group of girls. The girls are Choon-Hwa - known for her strong sense of loyalty & excellent fighting skills, heavyset Jang-Mi - who badly wishes to have plastic surgery to get double eye-lids, Jin-Hee - excellent when it comes to spewing profanity, Geum-Ok - interested in literature, Bok-Hee - dreams of one day becoming Ms. Korea and Su-Ji - always arrogant. Na-Mi quickly becomes part of their group. When the group confronts rival girls known as Sonyeo Sidae ("Girls Generation"), Na-Mi spews curse words she picked up from her grandmother. Because of Na-Mi the girls are able to avoid a crisis. These seven girls then form their own group named "Sunny". They also vow to stay together forever. The girls then prepare for a performance at an upcoming school festival, but on the day of their performance a terrible event occurs leading the girls to eventually going their own separate ways. Twenty five years later, Na-Mi is married to a successful businessman and has a beautiful daughter. Her life seems perfect from afar, but there's something lacking in her life. One day, Na-Mi bumps into high school friend Choon-Hwa in the hospital. They are ecstatic to see each other, but Na-Mi receives a phone call and has to leave. On her way out she ask Choon-Hwa if there is anything she can do for her. Choon-Hwa at first says no, but after a moment of reflection she makes a simple request to Na-Mi. Choon-Hwa asks Na-Mi to find the other members of "Sunny," so she can see them one more time."

In this very quick January, the movie I've recently watched is a Korean movie called 'Sunny'. The movie is not about a cliche love that most of people think about Korean Drama/Movie, it's about friendship. If I had to give a sentence about this movie, I'd say 'Meaningful yet funny in one packaging'. You could find yourself laughing so hard you can't even focus on the next scene, yet you would find yourself crying like a knife stabs your head. I'm no joking, this movie is a great one. As you can see in the two posters above; yes, it's about time. You would find unthinkable things and film technique here. Of five, I give it four stars. Umm... maybe four and a half.

Book review never gets old...

Book Description:

"Lou Clark knows lots of things. She knows how many footsteps there are between the bus stop and home. She knows she likes working in The Buttered Bun tea shop and she knows she might not love her boyfriend Patrick. What Lou doesn't know is she's about to lose her job or that knowing what's coming is what keeps her sane. Will Traynor knows his motorcycle accident took away his desire to live. He knows everything feels very small and rather joyless now and he knows exactly how he's going to put a stop to that. What Will doesn't know is that Lou is about to burst into his world in a riot of colour. And neither of them knows they're going to change the other for all time."

I'm sorry, can't get over this already. I actually read this in December. Got it from the secondhand online bookstore, Meuli Buku. They stock imported books, so you can't find the translated one. Luckily, this is the brand new one! It published in September 2012, and I got this in December 2012! Direcly from England! Yes, even Americans will only get this book in this January! Haha, back to the topic. (YES, I KNOW I'M LUCKY!). I won't tell you the plot, or the summary. Not even a little. I'll let you know that I cried like a baby at my living room after I finished this book. Me Before You is the best, the most unforgettable book I've ever read. Jojo Moyes doesn't give you the cliche or the aah-so-poetry words, instead of straight to the point yet includes mysteries you will never think of. Will Traynor is such a heartthrob. He is a man. A good one. I love him. Anyway, I recommend this to my bestfriend, and he cried. Yes, he's a guy. I just want to tell everyone that they have to read this. Life is too short to not to read Me Before You, I'm serious. YOU GUYS HAVE TO READ THIS, SERIOUSLY!

I can't move on from this.

I can't.

But I have to go now, guys. I'm sorry I ruin your thoughts.

Soooo, this January flies so fast. Seems like it rides onto the rocketship you can't even catch up. More than that, this month feels fine. Nothing much to tell, but it's just fine. What about yours?

Now a little bonus for everyone...

This and That

January 26, 2013

  1. Leopard Women's Charles Loafer Flat by Fioni. Yep. I was hanging out with my aunty last two weeks and we went to Payless. My aunt told me to choose which shoes I want for my birthday (YAY). I didn't buy that actually. I bought a pair of Cognac Ryan boots by Trash instead. BUT, I'm now longing for that pair of loafer. It just fits me perfectly, seriously. Well, I do love the boots that my aunty bought for me, but the design of the loafer is soooo tempting that it hurts. I definitely will buy that. I will. Wait until I got some bucks in my wallet and watch me, you freakin loafer. I don't care how long it will take, but I will.
  2. It supposed to be Elle Fanning. So I failed, thank you very much. (Not much to say)
  3. I'm currently addicted to draw some fashion illustrations. I did that one before I go to school this morning, so it's maybe got loads of mess there. I love the shoes and the ruffle detail on the waist and collar. There's a cut on the chest (I don't know what it's called) so it shows the cleavage. Yeah mannn, I was being naughty. You see her right hand? Yes. It's a lot more bigger than the left one hahaha. It's okay, isn't it?
  4. I'm still on the chapter 5 of Cecilia Ahern's The Time of My Life. Yes, I read this book like in a slllloooowwww mootiiiiiooooon way and I don't know why. The opening seems so boring. :<
  5. I put the chatbox back. I removed it once because I got soooo much spam, but I was recently blogwalking into some blog that has a chatbox and it seems like (maybe) the chatbox has been back to normal again. I put it on the different page to avoid spams, and you can now find it on the 'Chatbox' button.

Lol. So, guys, bye now. Aaaand (once again) have a reaaally wonderful weekend. <3

'Sup, Papers?

January 25, 2013

Well, hello there! I currently active on instagram these days. I used to share the whatnot photos of my daily routines, but I've been posting some of my sketches there since yesterday. Most of them are actually my old sketch, it's about one or two years ago. But, well, just check them out..

Aaaaand last night I've just created the brand new one. I love fashion illustration but never been doing a hijab fashion sketch. So I made one..

I do miss those old times when imaginations were floating up above your head and you could easily catch them up. Idea seems cliche these days. So, yeah. Hopefully I could draw or sketch things and post it here from now on. And don't forget to peek my instagram account, ok? It's mirzca.

Thanks! Have a wonderful weekend. <3

The 18th Birthday

January 16, 2013


Where to start? Haha.

So, yeah, I reached my 18 yesterday! It was just another plain day actually. Sebenernya kan sebelum nyampe ke tanggal 15 kemarin itu ibu bilang gini, "Kak, gak dirayain apa-apa, ya. Terakhir kan udah 17 tahun kemaren."

Saya sih ngangguk-ngangguk aja. Dipikir-pikir iya juga sih. Kalo misalnya dikasih surprise terus ntar malah keterusan ampe 20 tahun plus plus. Jadi kemarin itu saya bangun sekitar jam setengah delapanan. Itu gak dibangunin ibu (katanya sih bonus hari ulang tahun). Terus ngerasa gak enak badan gitu dan memutuskan untuk gak sekolah. Di sekolah juga ngapain sih, gak ada kerjaan. Mau bimbingan laporan pun pembimbing gak ada, dan ternyata emang gak ada guru yang masuk kelas kemarin. Maklum yaa, kelas empat kan gak terlalu berpengaruh kan.

Terus pas Lala mau berangkat sekolah dia bilang, "HABEDE YA KAAAK!" dan langsung melesat ke sekolahnya. Sayanya masih ya-ya-oke-trims di bawah selimut karena nyawa belum kekumpul semua.

Ketika udah bangun dan mengumpulkan nyawa, ibu kan mau pergi kerja, terus nyamperin ke kamar sambil bilang, "Cieee, selamat ulang tahuuun, kakaaak!" terus saya sun tangan terus cipika cipiki sama ibu.

Mandi, pake baju, blah blah. Terus nyalain komputer, mau nerusin tugas dari sekolah dan nyicil laporan bab lima dikit. Abis itu bapak turun dari atas, terus tetiba nanyain tanggal sambil liat-liat kalender yang digantung di dinding. Terus beliau bilang, "Sekarang teh tanggal berapa, dek?" (He always calls me 'dek' every single time, padahal saya anak pertama. Sigh.)

Terus saya jawab, "Tanggal lima belaaas! Kakak ulang tahun sekaraaaang!" Ya. Harus bilang 'kakak ulang tahun sekarang' karena kalau saya cuma nyebutin tanggalnya doang, beliau gak akan inget kalau tanggal 15 itu ulang tahun saya.

Beliau bilang, "Oh, kakak ulang tahun?" (Iya, beliau manggil kakak), "Selamat dulu atuh." terus aku ber-haha-hehe sambil sun tangan.

"Kadonya mana?"

"Kadonya apa atuh ya.."

"iPhone aja."

Dah, skip. Udah tau kan kelanjutannya apa?


Dan sms, bbm, mention, postingan facebook berdatangan bertubi-tubi. Kalo yang ngirim sms dan bbm directly ke saya sih langsung dibales. Tapi yang mention sama postingan facebook mah entar malem aja dibalesnya biar sekalian hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe stop.

Terus kan yaaa, masa si Dodo sama Mpi gak ngucapin coba. Si Mpi sms-sms malah bilang, "Ca, ke sekolah kagak ente?"

Jissss ini anak apeu lah ya. Padahal tanggal 14 kemarennya itu makhluk dua udah berkoar-koar soal ulang tahun saya ini, dan di hari H-nya mereka malah nanyain ke sekolah apa enggak. I'm not that stupid ya know, geez. Terus saya bales aja, "Kagak, atit. Maneh gak ngucapin siah jangan sok2 lupa gitulah." HAHAHA. Dan akhirnya si Mpi ngebales sms ngederedet panjang gitu ngucapin selamat ulang tahun. Dia bilang katanya mau sok-sokan lupa, apaaa coba.

Dan gak lama kemudian Dodo juga ngirim bbm selamat ulang tahun gitu deh. Isinya ya gitu doa-doa dan selamat, terus dia bilang katanya mereka mau ngasih kejutan tapi gak dibolehin sama ibu karena udah 18 tahun. Saya sih iya-iya aja. Okeee.

Nah abis itu saya main komputer aja sampe sore.

And that's just that really.

Sampai akhirnya, di suatu malam dimana hujan turun sangat deras, ibu minta anter bapak ke salah satu pusat perbelanjaan dekat rumah. Saya pikir, kok aneh sih, biasanya ibu paling males pergi-pergian kalo udah hujan gitu, apalagi udah malem. Ke warung aja gak mau biasanya. Lah ini.....

Abis itu, ya gitulah. Saya menghabiskan malam dengan membaca buku The Time of My Life-nya Cecelia Ahern karena saya gak dibolehin main komputer lagi karena udah main dari tadi pagi.

Bosen, akhirnya memutuskan untuk tidur sekitar jam setengah dua belasan. Pintu kamar udah ditutup, lampu udah dimatiin, adek juga udah tidur duluan. Ibu masih bangun, bapak juga masih di atas. Saya udah enak banget selimutan di malam-malam yang dingin gimana gitu.

Dan, lep....




Saya buka mata, dipikir kok berisik banget gitu ya.


Ada dua makhluk di kegelapan kamar lagi bawa kue ulang tahun!


DODO DAN MPI DOOONG! Aaaaak speechless banget tau gak sih! Lagi enak-enaknya tidur banget, tetiba ada yang nyanyi lagu happy birthday. Dan itu tuh udah lewat jam 12, pemirsah! Artinya itu udah tanggal 16! Hahaha tapi gak papa. GAK PAPA BANGETTT!

Karena pas keluar kamar.... jengjengjeng! Ada dua bungkus Pizza di ruang tengah. Dang!!! Jadi tadi ibu dan bapak itu bukan mau belanja bulanan, melainkan beli piza buat malem itu.

Ah, pokokna kaget bukan main. Dan speechless banget. Banget. Kebayang gak sih itu tuh udah tengah malem dan mereka berdua jalan dari rumah Diandra yang cukup jauh ke rumah saya cuma berdua! Tengah malem! Dan mereka nolak buat dijemput sama bapak katanya.

Perjuangan mereka, aah terharu kan.

Dan malem itu mereka nginep di rumah.

Sampe besoknya, waktu mau pergi ke sekolah bareng-bareng, tetiba Dodo sok-sok ketinggalan hape gitu di rumah. Dia kan pakek sepatunya susah, pas saya nawarin buat ngambilin malah gak boleh. Yodah, gak curiga apa-apa.

Dan pas pulang sekolah! 

Jeng-jeng. Ada sebuah benda berbungkus kertas kado di atas tempat tidur. SIYAAAL! MEREKA BERHASIL MENGELABUI SAYA, PEMIRSA!

Ini dia nih hasil keringat sahabat-sahabat saya yang oke punya itu..

Bisa banget kan modus hape-ketinggalan-nya? Sampe gak curiga dan baru nyadar waktu tau ada kado di atas tempat tidur.

Ya ampun, saya sayang kalian berdua! Selama-lama-lamanya! Perjuangan kalian yang jalan tengah malem terus ketemu geng motor sama wanita jalang itu (suudzon) gak akan terlupakan. Makasih banyak untuk tahun-tahun yang udah kalian isi dengan berbagai macam emosi. Saya sayang kalian dan kalo nulis ini gak akan ada habisnya! (Geleh banget)

Terus, sahabat saya waktu SMP, Bilah, juga ngasih kado lho! Ini dia!

Dia emang jago gambar dari brojolnya sih. Buat yang pengen tau hasil-hasil gambarnya, visit blognya di!

Saya bersyukur sama Allah karena udah dikasih banyak nikmat yang gak bisa dihitung satu persatu. Bersyukur juga karena udah dikasih berbagai macam ujian yang bikin saya bisa naik level. Bersyukur juga kerna udah dikasih keluarga tempat saya pulang ke rumah. Bersyukur juga karena udah dikasih sahabat yang zzzuper!

Once again, thanks for all the wishes and hopes and greetings! Allah bless you all, guys! <3

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