I hope she doesn't read this

July 22, 2016

Among this crazy internet phenomenon, the first person that comes up to my mind is my little sister. Me? Let's say I'm old enough to understand what's good and what's not and I can very well maintain my health by putting down phone when I don't really need it (this fails often, still trying). My sister, though. With her age in this world, how can you as a big sis not being concerned about what kind of friends she's making, or which place she's going, or what activities outside home she's doing, when even now youngsters in our country are rooting to a wrong role model? (I mean, hashtag goals.)

It is always ball in her court, but as fussy as a useful big sis that I am, I often share a piece of good writing to her via instant messaging, or just to be less annoying I sometimes give insights in between our jokes so she won't feel like I'm giving her a speech because it will be freaking boring. Apparently she's just being her fifteen year old self, counter-attacking the jokes and all but deep inside I know she understands.

In between my concern as an annoying big sis, I am very grateful to have a sister like my sister, though. I was relieved to see my sister picked her high-school based on its environment. It means she knows what she wants and she doesn't want, and she's sane enough to understand that environment makes a big influence in her life, or whatever it means I still feel grateful.

Nothing saddens me more than a feeling of being a worthless big sis. I hope I can stay longer so I can spend a lot of my time with her. Even though she's annoying sometimes. And, God, such a stubborn teenager she is.

I hope as she grows up she would be as brave as she is now, and if the world is cruel to her, I believe she'd slay whatever it is in front of her. But just if she needs someone to face them, I hope she knows I'll always be there.

For now let's pray she'd get rid of her fear of taking a bath while she's alone at home.

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