August 15, 2016

MY INTERNSHIP PERIOD IS OVER!!!! I'm happy, but also sad, but mostly happy because thank God i don't have to replay those rush morning routines anymore. At least for now. Also I think to meet new people in the specified & limited time is the best time to know people because thennn you somehow don't need to deal with their bad traits because, you know, ~~limited time~~

Despite the morning rush that sucks, I lovvvve the people there for they are very funny yet supportive kind of colleagues shooo hu today was quite quiet without them. Plus the experience is something you cannot exchange with even big amount of money, that's why I'm grateful to have a chance spending my internship period at Highstreet Studio.

Now I have a week left to live a slow life before hitting back college, I plan to use it with... exercising. Lol yeah.


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