Cerita Tingkat Akhir #0

December 29, 2016

Agak bosen sih, sebenernya, karena beberapa blogpost terakhir bercerita tentang perpisahan. Habis gimana, akhir-akhir ini saya dihadapkan sama planning hidup yang udah nggak main-main lagi. Hampir setengah tahun lagi saya lulus kuliah! (Amin). Dan saya harus melanglangbuana ke dunia yang kejam di luar sana huhu. Kalau salah, sudah nggak dimaklumi lagi karena bukan lagi mahasiswa. Kalau gagal, sudah nggak dimaklumi lagi karena bukan lagi mahasiswa. Kalau makan, sudah nggak diskon lagi karena bukan lagi mahasiswa. Ternyata label mahasiswa sangat berarti dan saya baru sadar di akhir-akhir.

Mungkin saya akan memaksimalkan banyak kesalahan di sisa status saya, atau mungkin akan banyak mengunjungi tempat-tempat berdiskon untuk pemegang kartu mahasiswa, atau apapun yang bisa saya lakukan yang hanya boleh mahasiswa lakukan haha.

Jadi mulai sekarang, siapapun yang baca dan mengunjungi blog ini, jangan bosan-bosan dengan topik perpisahan ya! Nggak akan sedih-sedihan, kok. Mungkin melankolis, sedikiiit. Mostly, I will cherish every ups and downs that comes to my life for the next... six months? Or up until I get the degree.

Jadi... apa ya yang saya akan ceritain di Cerita Tingkat Akhir #1?

Daun-daun di Parkiran Sipil

Rogue One & Queen V

December 20, 2016

It's a shame I can write paragraphs here and yet my thesis...

Anyway! I finally got a chance to visit cinema yesterday, at the same time I put my laptop to the service center because it's totally dead I can't turn it on at all. See, life sucks sometimes but thank to that I could watch Rogue One.

Rogue One is cool, man. I don't think there's any boring scene. The pace is just right. And it explains everything you wonder about in Star Wars three, four, five. Shots are beautiful, in a way that if you stop the movie anytime it still looks like a painting. Except the shot on weird creatures, my sister kind of feeling gross watching them moving (sometimes with slime) (it's her first time watching Star Wars).

Stupid, stupid stormtroopers

Impression that still lingers is... I don't know whether this is a spoiler or not but, THERE WAS A SCENE OF YOUNG PRINCESS LEIA??? With no glitch. I mean?? Okay, that's CGI but?? Still shocking???

And every. single. time. Darth Vader enters the scene is so, so beautiful. They certainly put their thought a lot about this one.

Also, my sister was asking me to show her the rest of Star Wars movie. I'm moved.

Really, though, let's discuss the movie.

On a different note, I just finished eight episodes of Victoria. It makes me kind of making a quick research (read: googling) on the real Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert, and as always; totally different looks from what we saw on tv. But it's Tom Hughes who was playing the role of a prince, so we cannot resist, can't we?

I mean, look at this.

The real Queen Victoria & Prince Albert

TV version of Queen Victoria & Prince Albert

K then, those were, I think, the highlights of my week. I will be away till next year to finish things off, so happy new year & have a delightful holiday, y'all!

1 AM

December 19, 2016

Feeling is a form of emotion that is pure. Its beauty should not have been shielded. Embrace sadness. Admit that you are sad. It's okay, people are not always happy. This is not a fairytale. This ironic, ironic world is not a fairytale.

Your heart is broken, and that's okay. Right now there's plenty of hearts that are broken, too. You're not alone. It happens, life happens.

You don't know where this will take you.

Be sad, darling, be sad. Empty your eyes, pick up the pieces.

And then shine. Shine brighter with those blinding lights.

Be brave. Love well like you used to.

Yang Berakhir

December 17, 2016

Hari ini saya siaran di 8eh untuk yang terakhir di semester ini, dan mungkin untuk semester depan. Mungkin bakal ngisi beberapa slot kalau announcernya lagi nggak bisa siaran, tapi sepertinya nggak akan megang program lagi semester depan karena udah banyak kru baru yang masuk dan lebih berhak buat explore berbagai program.

Saya jadi sadar juga ternyata waktu saya di kampus nggak nyampe setengah tahun lagi. Haha iya anaknya optimis Wisuda Juli. Nyesel juga belum banyak explore kampus, belum banyak nambah kenalan baru semester ini, belum banyak yang dikerjakan selama tiga tahun terakhir.

Ini nggak cuma sebatas berhenti siaran atau lulus dari kampus. Semesta punya caranya sendiri buat ngasih tau kalau apapun yang ada di dunia ini nggak kekal. Prinsip ini juga ada di ajaran Islam, banyak ditemui di Al-Quran, tapi kadang kita lupa dan baru inget setelah kita mendekati akhir.

Tapi se-nggak-sukanya saya sama perpisahan, sebuah akhir emang perlu ada. Because life happens. And maybe it's the only reminder for us about how valuable things are.

Segala hal jadi lebih berarti kalau sudah berakhir, ya. Manusia, manusia.

Oh, just being a-kid-these-days

December 11, 2016

I still remember the first time they launched Instagram for Android. Back then only iPhone users can have the access for Instagram. Android was also in their developing years, so when Instagram was launched for that platform, what I know is there was no other photo-editing apps available except that one.

It's amazing how fast technology evolved. I mean not even half of the decade, yet there's already a huge gap between technology now and then. For me who is the type of a fast-learner, to learn and experience something new and fun that technology offers is something that made me who I am today; up to date yet confused.

I finally found myself opening the apps for, like, the 20th time in the same day, when my task remained untouched. Oh it might be such an interesting timeline I had, don't you think? No, apparently it's just like everyone else's. Selfies, group photos, places, some useful information like interior designs, people's babies, etc.

It's nice to know that some people in my age has already married. It's nice to know that our precious Bjorka Dieter has finally reached 9 months of living. The thing is, do I need all of these? Can I live without knowing what she ate for breakfast? Are they that important for me?


Not denying how useful instagram sometimes, though. People can earn money, I've got an offer for a job once because I posted my works there, of course it's useful for some cases. My friend told me what matters the most is how we manage the dependency on that platform. Trueeee.

That's why in my case I think I just need a break from these crazy excessive information. If instagram is a platform to showcase your life, I think I want to figure out my life first.

Perhaps I'll be back. But life has been happier without it for now.

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