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December 11, 2016

I still remember the first time they launched Instagram for Android. Back then only iPhone users can have the access for Instagram. Android was also in their developing years, so when Instagram was launched for that platform, what I know is there was no other photo-editing apps available except that one.

It's amazing how fast technology evolved. I mean not even half of the decade, yet there's already a huge gap between technology now and then. For me who is the type of a fast-learner, to learn and experience something new and fun that technology offers is something that made me who I am today; up to date yet confused.

I finally found myself opening the apps for, like, the 20th time in the same day, when my task remained untouched. Oh it might be such an interesting timeline I had, don't you think? No, apparently it's just like everyone else's. Selfies, group photos, places, some useful information like interior designs, people's babies, etc.

It's nice to know that some people in my age has already married. It's nice to know that our precious Bjorka Dieter has finally reached 9 months of living. The thing is, do I need all of these? Can I live without knowing what she ate for breakfast? Are they that important for me?


Not denying how useful instagram sometimes, though. People can earn money, I've got an offer for a job once because I posted my works there, of course it's useful for some cases. My friend told me what matters the most is how we manage the dependency on that platform. Trueeee.

That's why in my case I think I just need a break from these crazy excessive information. If instagram is a platform to showcase your life, I think I want to figure out my life first.

Perhaps I'll be back. But life has been happier without it for now.

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