Rogue One & Queen V

December 20, 2016

It's a shame I can write paragraphs here and yet my thesis...

Anyway! I finally got a chance to visit cinema yesterday, at the same time I put my laptop to the service center because it's totally dead I can't turn it on at all. See, life sucks sometimes but thank to that I could watch Rogue One.

Rogue One is cool, man. I don't think there's any boring scene. The pace is just right. And it explains everything you wonder about in Star Wars three, four, five. Shots are beautiful, in a way that if you stop the movie anytime it still looks like a painting. Except the shot on weird creatures, my sister kind of feeling gross watching them moving (sometimes with slime) (it's her first time watching Star Wars).

Stupid, stupid stormtroopers

Impression that still lingers is... I don't know whether this is a spoiler or not but, THERE WAS A SCENE OF YOUNG PRINCESS LEIA??? With no glitch. I mean?? Okay, that's CGI but?? Still shocking???

And every. single. time. Darth Vader enters the scene is so, so beautiful. They certainly put their thought a lot about this one.

Also, my sister was asking me to show her the rest of Star Wars movie. I'm moved.

Really, though, let's discuss the movie.

On a different note, I just finished eight episodes of Victoria. It makes me kind of making a quick research (read: googling) on the real Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert, and as always; totally different looks from what we saw on tv. But it's Tom Hughes who was playing the role of a prince, so we cannot resist, can't we?

I mean, look at this.

The real Queen Victoria & Prince Albert

TV version of Queen Victoria & Prince Albert

K then, those were, I think, the highlights of my week. I will be away till next year to finish things off, so happy new year & have a delightful holiday, y'all!

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