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October 26, 2016

Hi it's me again.

Malam ini saya mau curhat dan cerita-cerita. It's been a long time ya! It feels good to be back again. Saya punya blog ini dari jaman masih alay, masih suka curhat tentang hal-hal gak penting. Kalo diinget-inget banyaaak banget hal-hal yang sebenernya bukan untuk konsumsi publik tapi malah di-post di sini.

And that's the point, you know. Saya udah mencapai sebuah poin dimana saya mikir, ah, iya ya, kamu sudah dewasa caakkk! Wkwk (also by the way can someone just help me to stop my 'wkwk' habit please it's getting worse I even almost used it in real life). You're not a fifteen year old girl anymore. Sekarang kamu tau mana yang bisa dipublikasiin dan mana yang nggak. Hebat, hebat. Saya bilang hebat karena dulu saya cerewet banget ngepost di dunia maya.

Tanpa saya sadari ternyata saya sudah berkembang dan melangkah maju lumayan jauh dari saya yang dulu. Perhaps when I'm thirty I will look back reading this post and laugh at it while mumbling "Why does this girl even live.." seperti saya yang kemarin-kemarin ngetawain dan nge-apaan-sih-in status-status facebook saya dari jaman 2009.

Not gonna deny it, super gross. Like, REALLY gross. But by reminiscing those stupid old days, I could see myself growing into a woman, into who I am today. And by that I feel blessed, for going through life's ups and downs, for having to meet people that shaped me until today. I still made a lot of mistakes, though, and will still be. Because despite all the changes I went through, I never really change (I am so wise righttt you can quote me it's okay).

So why didn't you realize it sooner, ca? You're twenty one now, for God's sake! Udah mau Tugas Akhir, udah dapet dosen pembimbing juga, udah mau lulus. Okay let's make a list of why caca doesn't realize it sooner:

- Because time flies!!!
- Because I didn't pay much attention to myself
- Because I'm not aware of my surroundings
- Because I kept my mind busy for present things
- Because f college that's why
- Not really, I love college, it's the main reason why I realized I'm a woman in the first place remember?
- Well just because

Right now I forget what point I was meant to write in this post. You know, growing up sometimes just suck because you forget things, your mind scattered, you just can't focus.

Okay, let's make this sweet and short, shall we?

By realizing that I've improved a lot, I grow up, I've developed my emotional skill; I really feel blessed and I hope you do too. Life offers ice creams and pills, and you have to take them both. Life also offers different kind of people to enter your life timeline, and whatever they do to you, they shaped you.

Perhaps someday I will get used with my life again and forget how far I've moved forward, but I'm sure when I look back I will feel blessed again just like today.

Wasn't I very sentimental.

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