Would you subscribe to (print) magazines?

January 01, 2017

I used to subscribe to some kind of girl magazines back when I was still in my junior high years. It was always fun waiting for an arrival of the postman once a month to finally grab a copy of a new issue, curious what kind of bonus I would get that time. Since I love to read, reading a magazine is kind of a refreshment because it's not only filled with text but also with pictures of pretty girls and dresses, style updates, tips & tricks, et cetera. Being online was a strange idea back then because our access to internet wasn't as simple as today's, right? So there it was, a magazine, a handbook of updates of the world. So exciting.

With today's fast information I wonder how much struggle a print magazine company should bear to catch up and still maintain to be interesting enough for people to buy. I mean, you don't have to wait for a month to know that skinny jeans was not a 'thing' anymore. You can just click here and there, and then voila, 'What Styles are in and out for 2017'. You don't have to wait for the next issue.

I stopped subscribing magazines since God knows when. These past years, too, every time I walk into a bookstore, I skip the magazine area. Even though I finally check out some issues I always think twice to buy any of them. I don't know, I think why would I buy this when I can find the contents online by myself? (I can alter the money for more fantasy books!)

As I write this, my mind goes back to when a magazine could be very engaging. Contents like what to wear for your first day of school, do and don'ts of mixing patterns, psychology topic about a connection between you and your mom, and even short stories; I still remember lots of them! Man, I even still remember the stories' titles.

And so I came to realize that no, even today, digital package of information could not replace print publications, afterall. In print publications, magazines in this case, there's a lot of thoughts people put into. Magazine is going through many processes to finally arrive in our hands as one package. It's not about information as a piece, but a content as a whole. It's about who is putting together the content so that it could be useful and not lacking insights.

So, again. Would you subscribe to print magazines?

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