Wearing Heart on Your Sleeves

April 08, 2017

I never consider myself as someone who wears heart on her sleeves, but frankly I think I am. I think when you wear heart on your sleeves, you're being honest with the world. When you like people, you can tell them that you do. As well as when you miss people, when you dislike people, when your heart hurts, when you experience happiness. I think when you wear your heart on your sleeves, you're liberating yourself and being brave enough to be vulnerable around people, that you know your boundaries, that you speak through people's heart, that you trust them.

I think heartbreak is a phase we all have been experienced, so that's why talking about my heartbreak without implicit words or actions around people is not something shameful. Because all of us have been there, and trying to escape the pain alone sucks, but knowing that someone has the same amount of pain as you soothes your heart. That's why I'm here, I speak for myself as I speak for you. We experience this same feeling, I'm with you, let's share.

But wearing heart on my sleeves only counts JUST IF I can make positive changes with it, and IF I don't bother people's life. And I'm not the center of people's universe, and I know lots of people don't care about what I preach, and I know you may think that it's just me having drama; but I believe my messages can relate to people's heart, soothes them because they will know they're not alone, and it's okay to feel (because some of us don't brave enough to ~feel~).

What I learn is when you wear your heart on your sleeves while seeking God's message, what you can find is always a door that leads you to the light. Afterall, only Allah knows your true heart & He's the turner of your heart. And that He sent signals, ONLY if we search for it.

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