Things I Learned: 23 and a Half Year-Old

July 17, 2018

GUYS! It has been a pretty exhausting weekend for me and right now I was just FULLY woke up and finally get my things together. I attended a k-pop concert last Sunday in Jakarta and the first thing I realized after I reached home and passed out was...  today is Tuesday already?? My mind is absolutely elsewhere since Sunday.

Anyway, I will not post anything about that concert today, unless you ask me to haha. INSTEAD! I will post about things I have learned on my 23 and might be related to that. I hope some of them will relate to you, but I don't know, let's see.

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I mean... It's super rare for me to not having a plan. You know, even when my mother simply asked me to buy groceries I will make a plan for that. And you know, about that concert thingy, I was never a concert girl. I'm a homebody, ok, guys. I find comfort just to stay at home. Concert for me was a big event that used to scare the sh-- out of me. It's because I don't know what should I do in a concert??? There'd be SO MANY PEOPLE. And to pay two millions for a ticket??? God. If I wanna play the music I would just open Spotify, you know what I mean?

But I don't know. At some point I was like picking some random choices these past months and I wouldn't freaking care what it'd take me to. I used to live very carefully and I came to realize that I need these kinds of choices. I lack of experiences. I want to live, you know. And If I make a choice that turns out a bad one, or I'm going to regret it, then be it. Be it. At least I have experienced what's bad. And I will know because I have experienced it, not just because I know it's bad. Of course I pay attention to boundaries too.

I MEAN. Attending a concert wasn't a bad choice for me, but attending a concert WITHOUT ANY preparation might be the one haha.


It is. I resigned on the early 2018 because my previous office had a very toxic environment, and when I say toxic I don't exaggerate it. It's beyond the line. I realized that when you were in a negative environment, no matter how positive you tried to be, you would slowly turn negative too.

I'm blessed enough to still secure my part-time job in another company after I resigned. I like this job so much because my boss is very positive and assuring, the job were very challenging so I could always develop. In the other side, to land a full-time job... it's sooo frustrating sometimes because I have sent countless application and I would hear nothing.

Then, the idea to continue my blog was appearing out of nowhere! Thank God, I still love blogging and now I even had specific categories for this blog!


Living for a year after graduating college has knocked me into reality. I lived with at least a system before, but living (truly living a life) has no system unless we create it ourselves. I watched people taking test for a job, getting master's scholarship, getting engaged and married, and the other various life points EVERYDAY. There sure is no exact rule to life, isn't it?

If I couldn't land a full-time job today while people my age is currently getting a job promotion, it isn't my failure. If my friends were engaged, I didn't have to be in one, did I? My timeline is different. Freaking different. And I am happy about it because the best has yet to come and I feel blessed because God has given me chances to live my life as my own.

People has different goals in life, therefore their timeline would also be very different. Don't you agree?

What have you learned on your 20-something life? Care to share?

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