Color Coding Outfits: Army Green & Pink

August 04, 2018

Sooo! I'm gonna make a blogpost serial called Color Coding Outfits or soon we're gonna call it #CCO. The contents are, of course, some mixing and matching outfits by different colors each post.

Untuk postingan pertama, karena satu dan lain hal, I picked army green and pink to mix and match. Ada beberapa hal, sih, yang menurutku harus diperhatikan dalam mix and match dua warna ini, yaitu perlunya ada warna netral biar kedua warna yang masing-masing punya kesan yang kuat ini bisa tercampur dengan baik.

Warna netral banyakk banget dan yang paling aku suka adalah warna putih. Berhubung ceritanyaaaaa ini adalah koleksi beach outfits, jadi yang akan kamu lihat di sini adalah outfits yang chill abiz. Kind of. I made four alternatives for this theme as you can see below. 

I love mixing white plain shirt with colored bottoms, and since our theme today is army green and pink, I think it won't hurt if I add pink headscarf with it!

My favorite item: Patrizia Pepe Flat Sandals from Giglio
This one actually has no pink in it, but since it's a part of a collection it's okay to add just one color. I picked aaallll the neutrals and picked a rather soft army green as the cherry on top!

My favorite item: Broadgate Cropped Cotton Trousers from Harvey Nichols
This one was made for those who is rather girly, that's why I picked the color pink to dominate the look and a little bit of green to freshen up.

My favorite item: Drive Time Mule from DSW

This outfit has pink in it but doesn't look too sweet, does it? I personally love this combo especially with the t-shirt which made it very casual.

My favorite item: Dark Olive Sandals from Marni

As you can see, each outfit has its own main point and different vibes. Actually... I made this for four of my friends and they have a distinct different style when it comes to outfits. Which one do you like best? 

P.S.: I wish you could give me some inputs on which language I should use, because it's confusing sometimes he-he.

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